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When you want to buy a gift for the bibliophile in your life but you're not sure what to get them, why not treat them to some store credit at Typewronger? We can arrange gift vouchers for any amount, though here on the website we've got options to quickly buy some of our more popular sums.

When you buy store credit from Typewronger we'll email you to get a few more details for one of our Letters of Credit, which we send for free to all UK recipients. These letters are hand-typed on the shop's 1939 Remington Noiseless typewriter and include the option of a free reading consultation which we can do in person, through videocall or by email. 

For those living further afield we can email e-vouchers, which again include the free consultation. As Typewronger delivers books all over the world, store credit here can be a great option wherever you live - just bear in mind you'll need to buy them enough to cover the cost of shipping the book too!

Rather ironically, though you can buy store credit from the website, you can't spend it here! To use your credit just email with your order, or spend it in person by dropping into the shop!