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Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

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THE NEW YORK TIMES AND TIMES BESTSELLER_______________________'A gripping historical adventure that feels sharp, fresh and modern' STYLIST'So beautiful, so daring, so complete' TAYLOR JENKINS REID'A masterpiece' NIGELLA LAWSON'Extraordinary' NEW YORK TIMES'Wonderful' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE_______________________A soaring, breathtakingly ambitious novel that weaves together the astonishing lives of a 1950s vanished female aviator and the modern-day Hollywood actress who plays her on screen. Marian Graves is driven by a need for freedom and danger. From her days as a wild child in prohibition America to the blitz and glitz of wartime London, she is determined to live an independent life.

But it is an obsession with flight that consumes her most. Having become one of the most fearless pilots in her time, she sets out to do what no one has done before: to circumnavigate the globe from pole to pole. But shortly before completing the journey, her plane disappears, lost to history.

Over half a century later, troubled film star Hadley Baxter is offered to play Marian in the comeback role of a lifetime. From the first pages of the script, Hadley is drawn inexorably to the female pilot. It is a role that will lead her to an unexpected discovery, throwing fresh and spellbinding light on the story of the unknowable Marian Graves.